The Agency


At the beginning there is the exceptional talent, at the end, there are concerts on 5 continents. Vienna Arts Management is an international artist agency, a production house and a consulting company based in Vienna. Founded by Florian Petermann, Vienna Arts Management accompanies artists on their way up.

Vienna Arts Management is everything in the background, so over 170 concerts a year can happen smoothly.

Building on an exquisite network of experts, Vienna Arts Management serves the full spectrum of artist management, music production, studio recording, video, photography, promotion, text, CI development, social media strategy, PR work and consultation in tax and legal matters.

Vienna Arts Management represents musicians and ensembles from classical music, jazz and brass. All the way from CD productions to gold records, major TV productions or world tours.


Music management

  • International concert booking
  • Artist management
  • Artist consulting
  • Production management
  • Brand building and development
  • Event management
  • Travel management
  • tour management

Artist office

Development of promotional material online and offline:

  • Photos
  • Texts
  • Graphic design 
  • Web design
  • Video content
  • Social media management
  • Audio/Video recordings