“Alpen & Glühen” – Pixner & Gansch

Thomas Gansch & Herbert Pixner: “Alpen & Glühen”

Alpine folk music and jazz – two styles that at first glance seem to be far apart. If folk music is quickly associated with mountain landscapes and alpine idylls, when you think of jazz you think of Afro-American, highly complex music with sprawling, virtuoso solos. With the project Alpen & Glühen the two outstanding musical personalities Herbert Pixner and Thomas Gansch show that these two genres harmonize and interact wonderfully with each other. The two musicians were born in the same year and, independently of one another, were socialized and sustainably shaped by the alpine folk music tradition. In the past few years they have become an indispensable part of the domestic music scene as bustling all-rounders. On the one hand Herbert Pixner, who has significantly brought about a renaissance of folk music through his inclusion of jazz, rock and world music. On the other hand, Thomas Gansch, who, as an internationally acclaimed trumpeter, has done similar things in the field of brass music with projects such as Mnozil Brass.

With Alpen & Glühen they are now coming together for a joint project in order to reflect on their musical roots. In doing so, they show in a variety of ways the immense quality and beauty inherent in this music. They move on paths far away from the glorified image of apres-ski and hits that folk music is often attached to. Musical stories are told, sometimes happy, sometimes melancholy, sometimes with drive, but always with captivating beauty. Despite the virtuosity of the two musicians, long solo passages are dispensed with – the focus is entirely on the overall musical impression. In keeping with this, with Manu Delago, Lukas Kranzelbinder and the radio.string.quartet they have brought on board musicians who optimally complement this basic aesthetic orientation. In an intimate setting, Alpen & Glühen offers insights into the musical influences of the musicians and their previous work – in keeping with the name of the project.


Thomas Gansch – Trompete, Flügelhorn
Herbert Pixner – Steirische Harmonika, Klarinette, Flügelhorn
Bernie Mallinger – Violine
Igmar Jenner – Violine
Cynthia Liao – Viola
Sophie Abraham – Cello
Manu Delago – Percussion
Lukas Kranzelbinder – Kontrabass