Plattform K+K Vienna

Plattform K+K Vienna was founded in 2009 by Kirill Kobantchenko, a member of the first violin section of the Vienna Philharmonic. The ensemble is not an ensemble in the conventional sense
but consists of a pool of musicians with permanent members who share a passion for the rediscovery of exciting, rarely performed chamber music.
While K+K is obviously a reference to “kaiserlich und königlich” (“imperial and royal”), it primarily stands for Kirill Kobantchenko. The greatest possible range of musical interests as well as working as a DJ have allowed for a development across different musical genres. Electronic music, Jazz and Crossover have influenced the activities of the ensemble.

Kirill Kobantschenko – violin
Aurora Nozomi Cany – viola
Florian Eggner – cello
Bartosz Sikorski – double bass
Christoph Eggner – piano
Christian Bakanic – accordion